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Www.staplesrewards.com is the website for the Staples Rewards Center. Staples is a major retailer of office supplies. Currently, the company has more than 2000 chain stores all over the world. If you are a frequent shopper at this office supply store, you may be interested in this reward program provided for their loyal customers..

As a member of this program, you will be able to get 10% back on all qualifying purchases made at Staples local and/or online stores. For example, the 10% savings is applicable to printer ink and toner and paper purchases. An advantage of this program is that there is no cap on the total amount of reward credits you can earn. Usually the reward certificates are issued once per month and the minimum redemption threshold is $10 per quarter. This threshold is not that high, so it should be easy to reach. If your account balance does not meet the $10 threshold within a quarter, the credits will expire and your account credit will be reset to zero. How to use Staples reward credits? There are three ways to redeem them. You can use it to make purchases at your local Staples store or their online store. It is totally up to you. You can choose the convenient one for you. Please be aware that there is an expiration date of the Staples rewards that you received. To learn more about the program benefits and their terms and conditions, visit the Staples Rewards Center at http://www.staplesrewards.com.

At this website, you can enroll in this savings program. After the registration, you can also sign in to your account with your user-name and password so that you can manage your account online. For instance, it is an easy way to check your previous purchase and rewards that you have received. You can also provide your email address at staplesrewards.com/estatements so that you can receive email alerts about your redeemable reward credits and will never waste anything that you have earned.

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